Is MLM a scam?

You may have thought it about it at one point, or heard about it. MLM (Multi-level Marketing)  is a scam. Perhaps your view of MLM,  is somebody who has to relentlessly harass friends and family to buy whatever products their touting. This may be true. Some people in MLM may do this. But they shouldn’t. … More Is MLM a scam?

Is this my life?!

I’ve been doing a ton of reading on personal development lately. It’s been great. I adore reading, and reading about how to live your ideal life just resonates with me. What it also does is, is that it makes you think about your life. Lately I’ve been wondering, ‘Is this my life?!’ Is there more … More Is this my life?!

Homemade tortillas!

If you’ve never made tortillas, you should. Right now. Right after you read this. OK, so maybe not right after you read this, but tomorrow. Yes tomorrow you should make homemade tortillas. I wish I could take credit for this recipe, but I stumbled across it here. It’s the bomb. It’s super crazy easy, and … More Homemade tortillas!

Soothing homemade broth

Thanksgiving was a few weeks ago, and boy, was it a delicious dinner! It was the first time I had made everything from scratch, including the pumpkin pie and buns, and everything turned out perfect. I impressed myself. One of the things I love about leftover turkey carcasses is the delicious homemade broth that you … More Soothing homemade broth