Soothing homemade broth

Thanksgiving was a few weeks ago, and boy, was it a delicious dinner! It was the first time I had made everything from scratch, including the pumpkin pie and buns, and everything turned out perfect. I impressed myself.

One of the things I love about leftover turkey carcasses is the delicious homemade broth that you can make with it. I simply place the turkey bones in a large pot, cover with water and add onions, garlic, carrots and sometimes fresh herbs. Whenever I make stock, I don’t bother peeling the onions or garlic. Carrots get a quick wash. Then, just chuck into the pot and let simmer for a few hours. Sometimes I let it go the better part of a day. When done, simple strain off into a colander and into another bowl. Some people like to strain their broth into something more fine, in order to get a clearer broth. I actually like the little bits that sometimes stay behind, and so I don’t bother using a fine strainer.

I divide the broth up in containers and freeze for later use. Tonight, I have pea soup in the slow cooker and was able to use some of that broth that I made from Thanksgiving. Simple and delicious.

I use this same method for chickens too.



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