Getting fit and losing weight!

I’ve been pretty busy these last few months. I’ve started becoming more active and exercising every day. It’s been great.

No, honestly it has. I’ve never been a ‘real’ exercise person before, meaning that I lived life like hey, if walking around the store was exercise, than yeah, I did exercise. The benefits (besides looking, what I consider better for my own personal needs) far outweigh any minor inconvenience that ‘needing’ to exercise brings.

You actually feel better! It’s true. Try exercising when your not feeling the greatest, mood-wise. You’ll get more energy, feel in a better mood, and you just treated your body to a great muscle needing-fat burning workout. It’s a win-win!

So what kind of exercises have I been doing? Well I recently finished the ’21 Day Fix,’ which is a Beachbody workout, (and incorporated a daily shake to fuel my workouts.) It’s 30 minute workouts each day, and each day is something different. For example, one day is leg day and the next day is a cardio day. There’s even a yoga day. I love me some yoga.

Buuuut. Of course exercise is only part of the equation when losing weight. The other part is nutrition. The ’21 Day Fix’ incorporated these nifty little colour coded containers that show you how much to eat each day. It is in no way a starvation diet. Just real nutritious food, in proper amounts to fuel your body. It’s pretty awesome.

The shake, Shakeology isn’t needed but I used it anyway. Full of super foods and good stuff for your body, it’s something that you don’t have to worry about containing anything yucky. It’s all good stuff.

That being said, following that program I lost 8 pounds in 21 days! Hard work pays off! I liked the program and shakes so much I decided to sign up as a coach. If your interested in Beachbody or have any questions about it, shoot me a message.

FullSizeRender (11)

*I’m about to start another challenge group, and would love to have your join me!*

Check out my website that also has some great info:


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