Is MLM a scam?

You may have thought it about it at one point, or heard about it. MLM (Multi-level Marketing)  is a scam. Perhaps your view of MLM,  is somebody who has to relentlessly harass friends and family to buy whatever products their touting. This may be true. Some people in MLM may do this. But they shouldn’t. Period.

The short answer is MLM business’s are not a scam. A more popular company that you may have heard of, (let’s say Avon,) is an MLM company. Multi-level marketing is simply another business model. Which when you think about it, is pretty darn smart.

Let’s look at it from the companies angle. Here you have people, (sometimes millions of people!) join, and they tell everyone else they know about your products because they love it and it works for them. Right there you have such an enormous advantage. Instead of trying to get people to simply buy your product, you have others not only doing it for you, but providing your company real-life testimonials too. The people who have decided to join your company, tell others and it spreads. It’s pretty cool. People are more likely to buy a product that a trusted friend or family member recommends too.

Looking at it from a person who joins an MLM, they have many advantages too. From branding, to stock, to’s all taken care of! If your product (s) have catalogs, those are already done. Joining an MLM is basically like buying a business in a box, for a low price. If you had to do all the leg work in branding and worry about shipping and everything else that goes into having your own business, your looking at a whole LOT of cash, and a ton of headache and time. But joining an MLM eliminates all of that, and the person who joins an MLM is really just needing to network and share their love of the products. Let’s not forget setting your own hours, and making your business work around you…and not the other way around.

But isn’t it like a pyramid? Only the one at the top makes all the money?

The answer to that is ‘No,’ Pyramid schemes are actually illegal. The beauty of MLM is that you can thrive in so many ways. Your not tied down to a store-front and having customers find you. The internet is beyond big, and more consumers are making their purchases online. While most MLM’s have some major players making big bucks, sometimes millions, that kind of income has the ability for others to claim as well. You may have just eye-rolled, but the truth of the matter is, these guys and gals have seen the light. They treat their business, just like a business vs a hobby. And really, your pretty much going to get out of it what you put it. It takes effort no doubt.

What do you think of MLM?



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